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How ODPEM Actively Prepares Jamaica for Disasters

Jamaica’s vulnerability to multiple natural and human-induced hazards and their repeated impact on the social and economic fabric of the society is one of the greatest challenges to the attainment of sustainable development. This challenge is further compounded by social issues such as poverty, the location of human settlements in high-risk areas, environmental degradation and instances of poorly constructed infrastructure and housing.

It is within the context of growing recognition of the relationship between sustainable development and the social and economic cost of hazard and disaster impacts, that hazard-risk reduction is being promoted as a priority in Jamaica’s policy agenda.

Hazard risk reduction is defined as the development and application of policies, procedures and capacities by the society and communities to lessen the negative impacts of possible natural hazards and related environmental and man-made disasters. This includes structural and non-structural measures to avoid (prevent) or to limit (mitigate and prepare) adverse impacts of hazards, and the development of emergency response capabilities.

These efforts provide value to the Jamaican people by creating safer communites and reducing loss of life and property.

The following sections will provide more detail about the specific mitigation work that ODPEM does:


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